Country’s Economy

  Publish Date Title Author Download
Dec-20 Pakistan- Provincial Strategy for Sustainable Urban Growth Saaf Consult (SC), Netherlands Download
November 11, 2020 The state of Pakistan’s economy 2019 – 2020 STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN Download
June 10, 2020 Covid-19 responsive Annual Plan 2020-21 of Pakistan Government of Pakistan Download
11th June 2020 Pakistan Economic Survey 2019-2020 Government of Pakistan Download
Q1- 2020 Economic Outlook - Industry & economic bulletin 2020, The quarterly economic update by NBP, Pakistan National Bank of Pakistan Download
December, 2020 How to do business in Pakistan - Trade & Investment Guide TRADE DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF PAKISTAN Download
Dec-20 PAKISTAN Reviving Growth through Competitiveness Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Islamic Development Bank Group (ISDB) Download
N/A Pakistan: World Bank's Doing Business 2020 Profile World Bank Group Download
N/A System Model and an Innovation Approach Toward Sustainable Housing Renovation Ju Liu, Bo Bengtsson , Helena Bohman Karin Staffansson Pauli Download
N/A Construction and Demolition Waste - Challenges and Opportunities in a Circular Economy Margareta Wahlström, Jef Bergmans, Tuuli Teittinen, John Bachér, Anse Smeets, Anne Paduart Download
N/A World Bank Punjab Urban Land Systems Enhancement Project N/A Download
N/A Structured Finance in Agriculture in Eastern Europe and Central Asia Michael Winn Download
30 Aug 2015 11:22 PM PDT India: Dwarka Expressway (40,000) Housing Units Baba Ovian Download
Jan-March, 2011 Housing Quarterly Mr. Mohammad Mansoor Ali, Ms. Razia Sameem Huma, Mr. Saeed Afgan Download
N/A India- Guidelines For Affordable Housing In Partnership JNNURM Mission Directorate Download
2010 India- Affordable Housing in Urban Area Ramakrishna Nallathiga Download
N/A Re-imagining Mexican Affordable Housing Infonavit Download
N/A Tactical Co-Operation and the Right to the Neo-Liberal City in India Siddharth Nadkarny Download
N/A Territorial Innovation Models FRANK MOULAERT and FARID SEKIA Download
N/A The Changing Geography of Tenure Restructuring and State-led Gentrification in Amsterdam Cody Hochstenbach Download
N/A The Redesigning of Saiban City, in Lahore Pakistan Arif Hasan Download
N/A City Vision and Eviction in Mumbai- India Matt Birkinshaw and Victoria Harris Download
February 2012 Capital Inflows, Exchange Rate Flexibility, and Credit Booms Nicolas E. Magud, Carmen M. Reinhart, Download
April 2016 Building on Asia’s Strengths during Turbulent Times International Monetary Fund (IMF) Download